Social Image

The picture that I chose for this post is one at my younger brother’s graduation. In the picture I am wearing business casual clothing which is ideal for a linked in page. The picture also does not have too serious of a feel to it like a passport headshot would. Te picture has a great balance between serious and casual. The first edit was of course the crop tool. I used the crop tool to crop my brother out of the picture so that there was no confusion as to who the profile belong to and a potential employer could put a face to a resume. I did this by centering my face in the thumbnail. My second edit was to duplicate the background layer and desaturate the top copy. After  turning the top copy to black and white I used the eraser tool to erase the saturation from the top layer that covered my face. This exposes the bottom (colored) layer giving my face color and emphasizing it as the focal point. This picture is ideal for a social network profile such as linked in, because it is a clear headshot that represents me in a visual manner. The few effects give it extra emphasis and likability.


before and after

Here we can see the before and after of a picture that was to represent the relationship between nature and civilization. This picture exemplifies this because the rock and small plants lie in the middle of a concrete sidewalk making this picture a clash between civilization and nature. The next step was to edit the photo. I used Adobe Photoshop to crop the rock and take away some of the distractions in the background. I then rasterized the colors a bit to bring out the rock and plants. Then I used a motion blur for the background to really make the rock the focal point and create less noise in the background.

Visual design in our world

For this post I will be looking at a few examples of poor visual communication in our world. These are examples that I have encountered during my everyday routine. I will explain where I found them, why they are poor examples of communication, and how they could be improved.

Example 1

This is a sign that I spotted at a local minor league baseball game. The signs message is clear, “no smoking in the stands” it is the rest of the sign that is poorly conveyed. This is sponsored by the Volusia County Health Department and its called the Tabacco Prevention Program. Althought it may not be absolutely necessary to display this info, the use of this cursive writing is not very effective. It is hard to read and not very appealing to the eye.

Example 2

If you study or work at Embry Riddle you’ve probably seen this sign or one like it. I dont mind the color choice of the blue to greenish gradient with white text. There is enough contrast so that the sign is legible, that isnt the problem here, the problem is its placement. This sign as you can tell points to the left indicating that the visitor parking is located when you make the left turn prior to getting to the sign. I think the sign is ambiguous because one may mistaken the left arrow to the road left of the sign which would actually take you on the loop around the library in which you could mistaken the few spots there as the visitor spots. The sign should be placed in front of the left turn that has to actually be made for more clear communication.

Example 3

The third example comes from my daily pick-up, coffee. In contrast to examples 1 and 2 I believe this example i s an example of good visual design and communication. The Bare brand of products is based on alternative resources for the environment like recycled products. In this go-green era that we live in this design definitely conveys that message. At a glance the simple vector leaf design and font use give a sense of cleanliness and simplicity while giving a “natural”  feel. This is a great example that visual design does not necessarily have to be extravagant and that simplicity can be very effective

Before and After

Lets get started

My name is Daniel Mondragon and I am a sophomore at Embry Riddle. I aspire to attain a bachelor’s degree in Human Factors & Systems and receive a job in that field. Ideally I would like to work in the design process of technology and human performance with machines. For example the design of automobiles to make them more efficient and safer at the same time is a job of high interest to me. With the exponential growth of technology in the modern age, Human Factors grows accordingly because this technology is meant for humans and humans have needs that need to be considered by human factors experts. I believe visual design is a huge part that goes hand in hand with human factors design because the communication between a system and its user is critical. In many systems such as computers, highways, cellphones information is conveyed visually and the easier and more efficiently that this info is conveyed the better the overall productivity of a system.